My name is Frederike Stock.

I am an early stage researcher from Germany and recently completed my PhD in biology at Ghent University in Belgium. I was trained as a “classic” biologist during my Bachelor’s before I specialized in Plant science for my Master’s program.

During my PhD, almost everything about my research was “micro”. I worked with microorganisms, i.e. microalgae and bacteria, and studied their micro-scale interactions. As part of an innovative training network, my research project was one out of fifteen projects funded by the European Union. The goal of the network was to study the algal microbiome, specifically the interactions between algae and their associated bacteria. Being part of this network was a great experience because I got to establish close collaborations with PhD students and professors at other European institutions and companies. On this personal website you will find more details about my research, as well as a list of my publications and information about me.

What am I up to now?

After my PhD defence I took a gap year to fulfill a long-standing dream of exploring Australia. Now I am looking for an exciting research position in Australia or Europe.

Recent Publications